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If you keep up to date with the best Hispanic events in London, you have surely heard about FesTeLōn, short for The Festival of Spanish Theatre. Since 2013, this festival celebrates Spanish theatre in London every year in June. This year, however, we will have to wait until Autumn, since the seventh edition of FesTeLōn will take place in October. Luckily, festival preparations have started early!

Team FesTeLōn have already begun the hard work needed to bring yet another incredible edition of the festival, and they have organised three workshops led by theatre professionals to help expand your passion for theatre and knowledge of the industry.

Held on Saturdays 23rd of March, 27th of April and 18th of May, the three workshops organised by Team FesTeLōn promise to make you have fun, interact with others and practice your Spanish in an inclusive way involving body, gesture, creativity, voice, games and improvisation.

If you are interested in theatre or you enjoy acting, this is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best Spanish theatre professionals – and, even if theatre is not your thing, two out of the three workshops will be taught in Spanish (with an English interpreter), so it is a wonderful chance to practice your Spanish skills in a very different, fun and communicative way!

You can read more about the workshops and the festival in the FesTeLōn website. Let us know if you decide to go!

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